Workplace accidents can lead to direct and indirect losses to a company’s bottom line. It not only affects the workers negatively but also may affect the employer and overall workplace morale.

Our RTW Case Management Program assists employers and employees by bringing the worker back to work- post a workplace accident. This is achieved by taking on the role of an advisor, which bridges the gaps between WSIB, Worker, and the Employer.

Effective RTW case management allows employees to return to work on modified duties (based on physician’s recommendations). This maintains positive partnerships between the internal and external parties.

We provide the highest level of WSIB case management services in a cost-effective manner. Our goal is to ensure optimal results for both management and employees. In the first year alone, our Clients’ short-term disability management clients experience a minimum 20% reduction in their overall disability-related costs.

Our Workers’ Compensation team achieves similar results through its claims review and case management services.

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