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Fall Protection Certification Online

Anyone who works at a height must receive fall protection safety training. Phoenix Health and Safety Fall Protection Certification program has been created in compliance with federal and provincial laws as safety training for all workplaces.

Several chapters make up this course, which also has a final test. A certificate of completion (sized for a wallet and a wall) will be given to you when you pass your exam

Fall Protection Training, Vaughan, Mississauga Brampton

Course Outline

Rights and Responsibilities
The course outlines the roles and responsibilities involved in working safely at heights, including employee rights and how to exercise them, employee obligations to report hazards while working at heights, and restrictions on employers regarding firing or dismissing employees for exercising their rights. It also has some beneficial materials on employee rights.

Fall Hazard Prevention or Control
This chapter covers the fall protection hierarchy of controls and how to use it to implement the necessary safety measures. Plans and procedures are also covered, as well as the restrictions on personal protective equipment.

Introduction To Fall Protection Equipment
Learners are introduced to personal fall protection equipment in this chapter, including travel restraint systems, work positioning/fall restriction systems, and general fall arrest systems, along with possible applications for each

Fall Protection Equipment
The pendulum effect, suspension trauma, and ‘bottoming out’ are a few of the major issues that are raised when a fall occurs, as well as fall prevention devices and systems in greater detail. It also discusses estimating the length of a possible fall.

Anchor Points
The use of anchor points and some examples of appropriate site selection are provided. It discusses the use of manufacturer guidelines when installing structural anchors, covers permanent, temporary, and existing anchors, and identifies situations in which a professional engineer may be needed to authorise an anchor point

Planning for Emergencies and Rescue
At the end of this course will discusses fall rescue planning, emergency procedures, the functions of a rescue plan, its elements, and the responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and employees.

Course Duration: 5 hours
Digital & Printable Certificate
Permanent Record of Training
Valid For Three Years
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