On-Site Consulting

Onsite consulting for business & start-up’s

We provide consulting services for all types of businesses and industries.
  • On-Site Safety Personnel Support
  • Full-time, short-term casual
  • or
  • Part time short time casual
  • Long term permanent roles

Serving COCO-COLA and AMAZON since 2016, on going project (renovation , manufacturing , confined space)

Onsite Consulting & Compliance plans for legislative orders

We provide solutions & plans to help your business achieve compliance with MOL (Ministry of Labour) Orders. We offer all the services with competitive prices, no premium for after hours and weekends!

Workplace Safety Systems Auditing

Phoenix Health and Safety Consulting Services Inc. has been assisting clients Globally, to assist with audits of their health and Safety Management System. We assist with conducting pre-audits, reviewing internal audit reports, and training your staff Training staff on the corrective measures outlined in the audit.
  • Other services that we provide:
    Inspection of site
  •  Identification and analysis of job hazards
  • Training for New Hire Orientation
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • JHSC Meeting Facilitation
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