Health and Safety Management System: Development, Revisions and Training

To build a solid foundation for any safety program, you must have a strategic safety management system in place. This will allow your organization to have policies and procedures, to strengthen your safety culture.

Phoenix Health and Safety Consulting Services Inc. can help your company by providing On-site, customized services. Our team will conduct a GAP assessment to understand the needs of your business and “gaps” as it pertains to legal compliance.

  • A safety management system developed specifically for your business needs
  • A blueprint that acts as your guide from a legal standpoint
  • Your health and safety policies, procedures, and tools
  • A framework for implementation designed to meet your specific needs.

Key features of the manual include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of all workplace parties as it pertains to health & safety
  • Work-site specific GAP analysis to identify your workplace hazards & action plans to resolve the challenges
  • Easy-to-use tools, templates, and forms

How does this benefit you?

  • Consistency of Health and Safety policies and programs within your organization
  • Tools that will support your team to be self-sufficient: Workplace Inspections, Accident Investigation etc.
  • Paper and electronic copy allows you to make changes as need be
  • Consultation with a health and safety expert to support the implementation of the manual