Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Part 1

Three-day (option of in class or online) program covers the first part of the training required for you to be a member of a workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee. Combined with JHSC Certification Part two, it leads to certification under Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) guidelines.

 Certification under (MLTSD) guidelines. JHSC PART 1, JHSC PART 2, JHSC REFRESHERPHASCORP  is an Ontario Chief Prevention Office (CPO) approved training provider for the JHSC Certification Part 2 training program.

Delivery Method

Virtual/ Onsite Option Available. Three (3) days/ Eight (8) hours each day.

Price and date availability
We offer weekly Part 1, 2 courses. Please contact your customer service representative for pricing and availability.

New graduate students and group of 5/ more eligible for a group discount of 305.

Certification Requirement:
As per the Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations in Ontario:

An employer employing 20 or more regularly employed workers must have a Joint Health and Safety Committee consisting of at least two certified members.

Learning Objectives:
Each module in this online training program highlights specific references to the JHSC Certification Training Program Standard as set out by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD). It is applicable to any workplace in Ontario. These standards are referred to as the course objectives.

Course Material:
All participants will be issued a participant manual and supplementary training resources. This provides in-depth practical information about tasks as they relate to workplace hazards.

It will teach you how to:
• Recognize workplace hazards
• Evaluate the risk of accidents/incidents, injuries and illness
• Respond to employee health and safety complaints and suggestions
• Maintain and monitor injury and work hazard records

This Part 1 JHSC Certification program is comprised of several modules, including group and individual learning activities Job aids. They include an online digital copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, sample policies and other JHSC forms, useful links, guides as well as a glossary.

Below are the list of modules:
Introduction to the Topic- JHSC PART 1
JHSC Certification Learning Outcomes, Other
JHSC Certification Process & Role of a certified Member
Occupational Health & Safety Law: Structure, Roles, and Responsibilities
Module 2 Activities, Course Module Summary & Knowledge Check
Internal Responsibility System
Module 3 Activities, Course Module Summary & Knowledge Check
JHSC Members: Rights, Roles & Responsibilities
Module 4 Activities, Course Module Summary & Knowledge Check
R.A.C.E. Methodology
Module 5 Activities, Course Module Summary & Knowledge Check
Workplace Inspections & Legal Requirements
Module 6 Activities, Course Module Summary & Knowledge Check
Procedure and reporting Requirements: Workplace Accident & Incidents
Module 7 Activities, Course Module Summary & Knowledge Check
Course Summary, Course Evaluation

The final test is given to each learner when they have completed all 8 modules. Learners must successfully achieve the passing grade of 75% or more in order get a certificate and move on to taking CPO Approved JHSC Certification Part 2 training. If a learner does not achieve the required 75% on the quiz, they may return to the module for another attempt.

Part 1 certification learning outcomes
By the end of day three of training, we will achieve following learning outcomes:
• Describe the certification process and explain the role of a certified member
• Describe the importance of occupational health and safety in a workplace and recognize roles of each of the workplace parties
• Participants will be able to describe the legal requirements for a JHSC, duties, and function of JHSCs and describe how a functioning JHSC works.
• Participants will be able to describe the rights, duties and responsibilities of JHSC members and certified members.
• Able to describe different categories of hazards and the process of recognizing, assessing, controlling hazards, and evaluating the hazard and it’s controls.
• Identify ways to recognize hazards using workplace inspections and the legal requirements for workplace inspections
• The purpose of hazard assessment and describe basic methods for conducting a hazard assessment
• The purpose of hazard control and describe basic methods of hazard control.
• Purpose of the evaluation for hazard controls
• Implement corrective action plans, using race methodology.
• Explain procedure and reporting requirements for workplace injury & illnesses, critical injury, fatality, work refusal &complaints of dangerous circumstances.
• Able to use, demonstrate and access various resources related to occupational health and safety information.

Who Should Take this Course?

All members of a workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee, regardless of any previous experience in health and safety. Workplaces that regularly have 20 or more employees must ensure at least two personnel have completed the certification training.

To register, please contact info@phascorp.com